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A live tracked album recorded at Archive Records


released August 23, 2016

Elowyn LaPointe, Shea Ledesma, Jared Asplund, Blair Draper, Jacob Hall



all rights reserved


Daisy & The Moonshines Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Anaheim
I'll be soothing your howls twisting my tongue
Shaking the desperate breaths in my lungs
I'm a nervous machine burning in my bed
Rehearsing goodbyes swelling in my head

While you were pulling my hair i was killing time
And we left what we had back in Anaheim
I'm a nervous machine up on the mezzanine
I learned to talk so i could learn to leave

I've become the villain
Reckless and abandoned
Pulling off the heist
And smiling for the camera

I'm a sensitive fuck up in your line
I'm a desperate fuck up in your mind
Track Name: Audiophiles
I could have held it together that night to impress all your audiophiles
I'm too far gone from getting it right
Sleepy sermons with a whiskey smile

Please don't let me run you down
I'm a priest begging for faith wearing a crown

Be still with your delicate lies so I can slip into sleep
I wish i'd forget your secrets so you'd forget me

Someone said I looked under the weather, red stained teeth from a glass of wine
I was too fucked up to give them an answer, she's still dancing in the morning light
Track Name: Flies In The Fruit Bowl
I fall in love more when I'm sober
I need to leave the disco floor
A sip of thought to be careless
And you said all I was is jealous

We felt so quiet, the smoke still in you
I wanted to buy in, I never quite knew

I think I've lost my friends
In the seconds spent
I think I'm lost in the bends
Why did I give in?

Flies in the fruit bowl buzzing again
In the kitchen we painted green
Our hushed bodies on the drive home
And you said you need to feel alone

We need to talk
We need to jump
I need to laugh
I need a bump
Track Name: Laid Below
Ain't no preacher gonna be there
Ain't no prayers to make you whole
There's a bride but what does she care
When you get laid below

Sing a lullaby, sing it slow
Ain't a single song to be heard when you get laid below

There's blood under the garden
There's snow on the window
They won't view you as a martyr
When you get laid below

The widows will be weeping
The broken wings of crows
Your bride she will be sleeping
When you get laid below
Track Name: Too Late To Be Up
Deep down I knew I had to learn
Everything's your shaky concern
Casting shadows under red lights
Didn't need you to loosen my line
Made pretend hoping I was fine
Mind my own static in my mind
It's not the first time I tried too hard
Trying to catch you caught me off guard

Will you be around when I come down too fast?

I'm sweating in the sorrows
And dancing to your shadows
I'm sweating in the sorrows
And dancing to your shadows

It's a little too late to be up
You know i'll be gone, i'll be lit up
I'm on the verge of having bad luck
Working on getting my head unstuck
You'll never have me all the way
You'll never have a lonely day
All I need is what comes out of the blue
But I never wanted you to follow through
Track Name: Watchers
I watch you sleep I drown in colors
I can not love these sun sick flowers
Their open lips will lie
I stretched my mind that night
I never wanted you to go

Where were you when I wanted to go?
Where were you when I wanted to leave?

You lost the thoughts you called your own
To swallow your cruel fate alone
Where do these white lines end?
My head heats up again
I never wanted you to go

Where were you when I wanted to go?
Where were you when I wanted to leave?
The restless souls will weep
Until we fall asleep

I watched you spew away your time
Spoon in hand needle burning bright
It terrifies me still
You hid away so well
I never wanted you to go

Close my eyes, kiss me goodnight
As the flowers dry in the hill
Drain the light, kiss me goodbye
Lay my body out in the field